Racial Justice Strategy for the 2024 Elections: The Role of Electoral Politics in the Struggle for Black Self Determination & the Role of the Bay Area in the Fight Against the Authoritarian Right

If you are dreading the 2024 election cycle, feeling confused about how to live out your values in this historical moment, or even feeling hopeless about where our country is headed politically - you’re not alone. As a movement, we have gained so much ground over the last 10 years - and we’re still so far from where we need to be. To advance the movement for racial justice in this period, we will need to come together in numbers across race, class, and generational divides around a sober assessment of our political reality and an effective strategy to win.

Join us for a teach-in and strategy session to prepare for this critical election year. CRC will present on its 4 Arena framework that puts the electoral system into context in the overall fight against white supremacy and white nationalism. The 4 Arenas framework gives anti-racist organizers an orientation for how to engage with the electoral system effectively while staying grounded in our commitment to Black self determination. We’ll also analyze the role of the Bay Area in the national fight against the authoritarian Right, and support you to effectively contribute your skills, relationships, and resources to a coordinated strategy that builds power and wins relief for the disenfranchised through the 2024 elections.

July 10, 2024 at 7:00pm - 8:30pm
On Zoom

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